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Kerstin Diefenbach

We support people and organizations in effectivly shaping their future together.

As project experts and sparring partners, we support you and your organization in remaining flexible and creative under changing structures and ever faster changing conditions. We help teams and leaders to act together in a motivated, self-confident and goal-oriented manner – with an agile, co-creating mindset and with a lot of fun.

Our Understanding

To us, “agile mindset” means

  • intended connection of purpose (what for?) and action (how and what?): “without ‘what for’ – why do?”
  • joy of co-creation with other people
  • willingness to reflect on one’s own actions
  • understanding of mistakes as a chance for continuous improvement
  • openness to change and
    the courage to leave one’s own comfort zone

Motivation and method

Motivation for change arises from a cause for action. For some people this is a negative current state (why?): “how will it stay if I don’t change anything?”, for others a vision (what for?): “what will be better if I do?”. And then the journey begins with a first step.

From our experience, successful change follows a certain pattern: plan the first step – try it out – reflect on the result – adapt the approach. In short: plan-do-inspect-adapt.

People in organizations interact and develop according to different systemic patterns. For us, agile methodological tools are aids that serve to support people in their collaboration. And not every methodological framework is a 1:1 fit for every organization, every team and every person.

With more than 20 years of practical experience, we support you in reflecting on and improving processes, structures and interactions within your company – flexibly and in line with the situation. And with a clear focus on the individual needs of your organization.

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