My personal motivation for what I do can be described with the following characteristics:

“You can do anything you want to.” With this wonderful belief of my parents, I was allowed to grow up in the small town idyll of central Hessia. Since 1992, I have been living this motto in my adopted home of Berlin.

I believe in the power of intrinsic motivation. That’s why I support managers and employees in organizations in developing their potential as individuals and as a team, and in developing their ability to organize themselves. And in doing so, one thing above all is allowed: laughing together.

“Music was my first love” is not just a song title, but actually true in my conscious memory. According to my mother, I was already singing before I started talking.  And even as a toddler, I preferred dancing to simply walking straight ahead. The love for music accompanies me until today.

Whether with the band, at sports or with my clients: I am motivated and inspired by working together with other people on a common goal, to improve a condition and start something new as a team. Therefore, I also feel my profession as my passion.

For more than 20 years I have been supporting projects in international companies in various industries. I share my wealth of experience, my passion for leadership, teamwork and agility with my clients to accompany them in the successful implementation of their projects and the achievement of their professional goals.

My qualifications

My professional career

My motto

Be mindful.
Trust the process.
Let go.

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