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Lao Tzu

At the beginning of every journey there is an idea. And the person behind this idea is: you!

To present yourself and your idea in the right way, being aware of your own goals, values and personal motivation is essential. Because your personality and your authenticity are important parts of your positioning. In other words: your unique selling proposition.

With our Training Workshops for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs we support you in questions such as

Business Storytelling

You have a great product or a well-thought-out portfolio. Your company has been founded and your business plan is in place. And now you might be asking yourself: How do I communicate my business idea – in an understandable, exciting, and memorable way?

Whether you are talking to potential customers, pitching to investors, or communicating to your employees and business partners, communicating to the right audience is one of the most important keys to success.

Today, as a founder, you are expected not only to listen actively, but also to present yourself convincingly. Many people are not comfortable doing this, and some assume that their work speaks for itself. But unfortunately, this rarely works.

Good communication is like magic! It creates images and experiences, makes your product and service tangible. In other words: the magic of language creates trust and enables you to make the seemingly impossible possible.

For a good speaker, the audience is the focus. Because a story is only meaningful if it reaches your audience. Are you able to do this? Can you make clear what you stand for? Can you convince others of you and your business?

In our Training for Business Storytelling you learn how to

Team Development

The path to self-employment or the foundation of a company is usually very time-consuming and energy-sapping, especially in the early days. To look ahead even in turbulent times and to have the courage to simply persevere requires you to take good care of yourself – as a healthy basis for your entrepreneurial thinking and acting.

This sustainable form of mindfulness in dealing with yourself and your environment is essential, especially if you are starting out with partners as a team from the beginning or if your company is growing rapidly. Because people are very different in their entrepreneurial thinking and actions.

The initial euphoria in the founding team is often followed by the “hardships of the level”, there is friction in the team, it is not uncommon for a start-up to fail because of conflicts and ultimately because the founding team breaks up. And under the constant time and cost pressure, communication among the team members is neglected.

In human resources topics such as Team Development, Recruiting, and Leadership, we support you and your team with insights into

ORganisational structure and business processes

With the first success, your own business often grows exponentially fast. That’s great! Now is the right time to adapt the organisation accordingly. Because that’s exactly where it lurks: the complexity trap.

At this point, two main risks arise: organisational structures are not established in time and the founder, who until now knew every detail and read every email himself/herself, loses track of things and loses control. It is crucial that you as a founder learn to trust your employees and transfer competencies. Because a growing team usually means greater complexity in the processes. 

At a critical point, a vicious circle is set in motion: More employees generate more organisational effort. And to cope, even more staff are hired to manage the organisation. At some point, the majority of the team is busy managing itself and preventing effective work. This happens more often than you might think, and often starts in a team of ten or more people.

To ensure sustainability and lasting employee satisfaction as a company, you should consider the development of your organisational structure and the design of relevant business processes in good time.

With over 20 years of experience in Organisational Development, we support you and your team in

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