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Successful, effective teams are the core of an organisation and have a significant influence on the success of the company. The question is:

What’s the secret of a successful team?

A team is a group of people working towards a common goal. For everyone in the team to really steer in the same direction, one factor is most important: all team members need to really know this goal, understand as the same thing and feel personally connected to achieving this goal together.

Individual values and  motivation – the personal “why?” – play a decisive role here.

A successful team is formed through strong motivation, appropriate division of roles, respectful interaction, honest transparency, and a living feedback culture. A great team recognises, appreciates, and uses the strengths of each individual.

Specific know-how, different characters and social skills, are further strengths of excellent teams.

Successful teamwork is based on each team member’s own decision to be part of the team. This requires mutual trust and the feeling of being able to rely on each other. And at the same time being the person, the personality, that they are. In other words: psychological safety.

Because if you give people the feeling just to be themselves, amazing thigs can happen.

In a healthy, successful team, individual team members complement each other’s talents fand support each other in compensating for their deficits to achieve their common goal.


Open, respectful communication with each other is crucial to this. After all, teamwork is about accepting other’s opinions, being open for discussion and finding the best solutions – together. To understand conflicts and challenges as opportunities through interaction in the team, to make joint decisions quickly and, if necessary, to readjust one’s own approach constructively if necessary.

When pressure increases – in an excellent team it is simply distributed over a larger area. In such an environment, agile tools and methods can be quickly tested and established in the team. Completely in the original sense: „Together Everyone Achives More!“

If you think: “Well, in our company TEAM means ‘Time, Energy, And Money’“, book our team coaching!

The aim of our Team Coaching is to strengthen your team and to improve and consolidate the cooperation of all participants. We look at the behavioural patterns of the team as a unit as well as at the individual team members.

Typical topics of our team coaching are:

People are individual characters, and every team is different. We conduct our team coaching individually according to your needs: in single workshop sessions or over a longer period.

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