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Kerstin Diefenbach

Does this sound familiar: As a leader, you successfully advance a wide variety of topics every day and support your employees. As a leader, you are also expected to have special social and methodological skills. And the attitude to shape your company as a leader. After all, leadership is a mental attitude to life. Yet:

The wind blows rougher on the upper floors. 

Due to the number of tasks and issues, the pressure on you pushes you to your limits – physically, mentally, and emotionally. To deliver and live up to. 

It is not uncommon for people in your position to feel alone, to be afraid of failure – even if they have never really expiriences it. 

And your original motivation and passion get lost in the daily juggling of the challenges that your job brings.

Perhaps you too sometimes ask yourself the question: what’s the point of it all? And you dream of a working day with more relaxation, serenity and time for “the really important things”. In other words, the attitude to life that you would like to have in your role.

In such a situation, it helps to speak with someone at eye level about everything that moves you – and what cannot really be said anywhere else.

A sparring partner who listens to you attentively, gives you honest feedback and sets impulses in the right place. Someone who understands how businesses function successfully and the role that good, mindful leadership plays in that.

Leadership Sparring offers you the space to reflect on your very personal challenges in your everyday leadership life to find the right solutions for you.

During our conversations, you develop your role and attitude as a creator in the company with a mindful attention on your own behavior as a Team Lead, in order to develop the potential of your employees in addition to your own.

In doing so, you reflect your own attitude towards change and your passion and personal commitment for what you do. So that you can again consciously commit to what is important for you and your team.

Because it is primarily your own attitude that leads you to your self-defined top performance.

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