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Intelligence is the ability

to adapt to change.

Stephen Hawking

Projects shape the economy and many areas of our personal and social life. And: Projects mean change.

Technological, cultural, demographic and political developments contribute to the uncertainty about the future reaching new dimensions. And traditional concepts of planning, leadership and dealing with change are outdated.

Agile decision-making in meaningful collaboration for a more flexible approach to change is important today to promote the development of resilient organizations. Hence, the way in which companies and people in organizations deal with complexity and uncertainty will increasingly determine their own competitiveness.

Business Agility, Project & Change Management: a valuable combination.

Business agility is not a framework
For us, 
agility is more than applying an agile methodology. Agility is a mindset of preparing for the unpredictable. It is the ability of an organisation to adapt flexibly to changing conditions, while continuously learning, improving and evolving as a whole. 

Purpose vs. actionism
One of the most important prerequisites for a successful project is a clear goal or purpose – even if the concrete project result has not yet been determined in detail. And it is important to implement this goal in parallel with day-to-day business, usually with tight deadlines and costs and often with scarce resources.

Priorization for value
The challenge here is to reconcile the many wishes and needs of the various business units and stakeholders involved. And to keep the focus on the actual added value for the project goal and to distinguish this from the non-value-adding requirements. An important question here is “why exactly do we need this feature?”.

Projects mean change
Organizational changes in the course of a project often fail because those affected merely perceive a change without understanding how important it is to embrace it. Therefore, it is essential to involve employees during the change and to meet possible resistance in a meaningful way.

Project success results from applying the right approach for your project and your organization – flexibly and according to the situation. Instead of squeezing your project and all participants into a specific, popular method framework according to “pure doctrine”. Because the path to your project success is as individual as your corporate culture, your organizational structures and your employees.

We support you, your team and your organization in aligning your work along agile principles to achieve your project goals and increase the value of your service or product for you and your customers.

We consult you through your entire project. From defining the project vision and planning the project to building your project team, analyzing and optimizing the affected business processes, recording and prioritizing value-adding requirements, and planning and implementing appropriate change measures. 

We ensure that the guard rails for agile working in your project are optimally aligned with the needs of your team and provide support in removing obstacles to collaboration. And thus, together, gradually increase the agile maturity level within the entire organization. 

To do this, we use various tools from frameworks and methodolgies such as Design Thinking, Effectuation, Lean, Management 3.0, Prosci, Scrum oder Kanban.

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