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our Mission

Shaping the future together - with respect, flexibility and fun.

We support people in organizations to develop effectively with each other.

People and organisations are increasingly challenged in all areas: ever faster changing customer demands, growing entrepreneurial risk and rapid market developments due to digitalisation, globalisation, global warming, crises, uncertain financial markets and disruption are building up pressure.

At the same time, there is a growing longing among people in the company for appreciation, self-fulfilment, New Work concepts and a mindful lifestyle. This demands increasing flexibility and continuous willingness to change from organisations and all those involved.

Three strengths are important here:
*agile, healthy teams and
*supportive leadership for
*flexible projects.

With in-depth knowledge of human nature, a comprehensive portfolio of methods and distinctive communication competence from more than 20 years of coaching and consulting experience, we support you in strengthening structures in your company in order to be able to react flexibly and stably to changes.

We practice what we preach. Word.

Flexibility, development and continuous improvement are three of our most important values at mitra consulting. That is why our strategic business focus is on cooperation with our highly esteemed coaching and consulting experts – our co-creators.

With our proverbial “finger on the pulse of the market”, we exchange information on current trends and actual needs, co-create new formats and services, adapt popular frameworks and methodological tools and provide personnel support for projects as required.


mitra – what does it mean?

In ancient Vedic mythology, Mitra is the god of contracts and guardian of the cosmic order. Mitra oversees friendship, guides people towards the light and enables them to be happy together.

Even though we occasionally use LED technology for lighting, the meaning of mitra reflects our understanding of the relationship with our clients:

​We help people in organisations to maintain calm and order in their professional environment through complex and sometimes chaotic situations and to achieve their goals even in the everday fog – in friendly, trustful cooperation.

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