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Liz Lux

Liz is our superhero when it comes to people and culture in organizations. Liz supports organizations, leaders and teams to build high performance cultures that focus on company values and goals. Liz has built her expertise as an HR expert and coach over the past 30 years as an internal and external leader in organizations in Australia and Europe. This dual perspective gives her a unique advantage when it comes to understanding business challenges and opportunities from different angles.

Born in Australia with family roots in Upper Austria, she has gained experience in many industries, company sizes and stages of evolution: from start-ups to Ernst & Young, from local challenges to global responsibilities. This gives her a high level of experience and strengths in all areas of organizational, leadership and team development, strategy, culture, coaching and transformational change.

Liz has made it her mission to use her expert knowledge to support, develop and enable organizations, leaders, individuals and HR professionals to effectively address the challenges they face. And to seize the opportunities for sustainable growth with high performance and profitable results. And above all, to be proud to work in a company and culture that attracts the best people.

We appreciate Liz’s approach to addressing the specific needs of her clients to provide customized coaching and HR consulting solutions. And we love her appreciative, attentive, focused and always positive approach to people. We also melt like butter in the sun with Liz’s enchanting Austrian-Australian accent (for us, Liz is living proof that “Aussie” and “Ösi” don’t just go together phonetically). When we co-create, the air is filled with sunshine and sparkles. And that experience we truely wish for everyone.