PM Coaching

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.​”

Maya Angelou

Successfully planning and implementing projects is always a challenge.

And Project Management (PM) is a particularly complex task. Indeed, especially medium-sized enterprises are often faced with the challenge of having to task staff members from their various departments with project management responsibilities.

What is crucial for these staff members is adopting a structured approach and choosing the right methodology while taking into consideration the following project factors:

  • scope + objective​
  • time + budget
  • resources + skills
  • stakeholder interests and
  • corporate structure /culture.
​​PM Lead Coaching 

Focusing on professional-methodical consulting that complies with globally-recognized project management standards (PMI©,, we support you and your team in managing projects – pragmatically and customized to your specific needs. Current problems and project conflicts are identified and solved jointly.

We can support you either throughout an entire project or just in concrete individual situations.

PM Team Coaching

Team is the designation for a group of people pursuing a common goal. Ideally, members of a team should complement one another in terms of their strengths but also have the ability to compensate for one another’s weaknesses.

​What ‘team’ doesn’t imply is: “Great – someone else will take care of it!

Successful teamwork thrives on professional or technological know-how, social skills and differing characters. What is decisive is that the individual members of the project team are tasked with the responsibilities best suited to their set of skills. This way team members are put into the position to render optimal performance toward achieving the team’s goal – and thus also the project’s objective.

As part of our PM Team Coaching services, we define – jointly with you – the necessary positions and skills; we analyze the personnel structure of your project team (professional / methodical know-how, personality traits, project-relevant behavioral repertoire etc), analyze your project’s level of maturity and jointly develop solution approaches to optimize your team’s performance and motivation.

We can help you and your project team to navigate crisis situations and thus release latent energies in your project. To do this, we bank on situation-appropriate and effective methods – as well as a high measure of empathy and social competence.

We will enable you to unveil unused potentials and increase motivation and job satisfaction by means of suitable team-building measures. And this in turn enhances team performance and the team’s conflict management skills.