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What is eSports?

eSports (electronic sports) is the competitive playing of computer games. The history of eSports goes back to the 1950s with the invention of video games such as “Tennis for Two”.

The first recorded “computer game competition” assumably goes back to the game “SPACEWAR”. At a self-created tournament – the “Intergalactic Spacewar Olympices”, 24 students at Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Laboratory played for a year’s subscription to the “Rolling Stone”.  An article about the game and this event by Stewart Brand was published in the December 7, 1972 issue of Rolling Stone.

Due to the rapid development of the computer industry in the 1990s, the expansion of the Internet and the nationwide spread of broadband connections, eSports has developed into an online pastime for a rapidly growing global following. The “Red Annihilation Tournament” of the first person shooter “Quake” is often called the first real eSports tournament. The tournament involved 2,000 players. The winner of the tournament received the Ferrari from chief developer John Carmack. A few weeks after the tournament, in June 1997, Angel Munoz founded the “Cyberathlete Professional League” (CPL), one of the first computer game leagues. For years, CPL was one of the most professional organizers of eSports tournaments.

Since the 2000s, eSports has become a global phenomenon and eSports has found its way into the professional world. Especially with the free availability of online streaming, such as via the live streaming video portal “”, the number of eSports enthusiasts exploded. In Germany, the number of online gamers is estimated at well over 30 million. Almost 100 million people worldwide are registered for the fantasy game League of Legends alone, which was released in 2009.​

Today, online games are organized in different leagues worldwide – similar to traditional football – and world championships take place in large arenas in front of sold-out houses and with millions of spectators worldwide following the events online. The number of viewers – whether playing themselves or not – for eSports matches and events is almost 400 million worldwide. The worldwide turnover with computer games in 2017 was around 40 billion US dollars, the turnover with online games in Germany around 352 million euros (Statista, 2018). In 2017, the worldwide turnover generated with professional eSports was approx. 696 million US dollars – with a rapid development over the last few years. The forecast for sales with eSports in 2020 is 1.3 billion US dollars. (Source: Newzoo, 2017).

In some countries such as South Korea, China or the USA, eSports is already a mass sport. And also the German market is slowly awakening from its Sleeping Beauty sleep.


With our devision  ESPORTS CONSULTANTS, we help professional international eSports teams to settle and organize themselves in Berlin. With our service portfolio we support the professional and personal needs of the team members as well as the business goals of the team owners through activities to establish eSports at the IT location Berlin.

In addition, we advise companies from “traditional” industries on their entry into the eSports universe.


We’ll make your team feel like home. Because happy teams are winner teams!

Being in a foreign country holds a lot of surprises for both players and management. ESPORTS CONSULTANTS will make sure that moving to a new place gets off to the right start for you and your team, actively providing you the support you need to make your team’s stay in Germany a success.

From research for the right apartment, over support in negotiations with real estate agents, land lords and craftsmen to supervising necessary conversion works and refurnishing the apartment we will help you to create the perfect Gaming House.

One of the most important things for every Gaming House is a strong and stable internet connection. We will help you to find the right provider.

With our large network of experts, we put you in contact with legal and tax advisors concerning subjects like tax and labor law, design of employment contracts and relevant insurances, and coordinate the application process for visas, residence and work permits.

We will be there for you and support you and your team in all questions concerning your stay in Berlin. Thereby we will always keep an eye on your budget.


eSports is a young, yet extremely popular and fast-growing market. Over many years of experiences, we have earned a clear understanding of the global phenomenon that is eSports – its fans, the community, and the gaming ecosystem.

We know that gaming is not only a satisfying pastime for enthusiasts, but also a serious industry full of profitable business opportunities. We maintain deep and sustainable relationships with teams and experts across the eSports industry as well as with global players outside the eSports universe.

We know who to address to uncover opportunities for all sides, bring the right people together and get a good deal done. Thinking of an offline fan relationship management in real life? Wanna enter the eSports market with a sponsorship?

As an independent consultancy, we are your strategic partner for developing business around eSports. With our eSports project expertise, we have the knowledge, the insights, and the expert network to assist you through strategic planning, project management and execution.


We provide new media services that covers our clients’ needs. With a crew of experts, we produce your team videos, player image shootings, TV-shows, corporate videos, commercials and youtube channels, which provide a modern and effective advertising look.

By means of a professional drama and a creative and stylish camera work we will create visual impressions that your team and your fans will never forget.

With ESPORTS PRODUCTIONS we will promote the popularity of your team and every single player. Our videos can be used for all relevant social media channels – to achieve a higher reach for your team’s merchandise articles.

Any questions around eSports? We will be happy to answer.